Test data for Michibiki's enhanced disaster and crisis management reporting service

category: gnss
tags: dcr dcx

The Quasi-Zenith Satellite Michibiki not only broadcasts positioning signals, but also signals that improve positioning accuracy and transmit disaster information.

Michibiki has been broadcasting disaster and crisis management reports (DCRs) on the L1S signal as disaster information. As an extended version of this, DCX (satellite report for disaster and crisis management - extended information) have also been provided since April 1, 2024.

Starting in June, DCX test data will be distributed twice a month. The content of the data will be different each time.

So far, I have been archiving the DCR test distribution contents, but I would like to archive the documents I have for DCX as well. Below are the files sorted from newest to oldest.

I will update this page as new documents are published. The DCX specification IS-QZSS-DCX-001) has also been published, so I will try to create a decoder.

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