BeiDou B2b signal livestream

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China’s BeiDou positioning satellite is broadcasting the new navigation message B-CNAV3 and the augmentation signal PPP-B2b message to improve positioning accuracy using the B2b signal.

Currently, there seems to be no receivers on the market that utilize this B2b signal. On the other hand, Pocket SDR and Septentrio mosaic-go X5 receivers can receive this B2b signal.

To consider this B2B signal utilization, I have published a livestream of B2B signal raw data output from my mosaic-go X5 receiver.

B2b signal livestream

Originally, I would like to install this receiver at the GNSS observation station at my workplace. Because there is no spare for it, I record data at home and transfer the information to the public server. It may be unstable, but please understand this situation.

Information will be distributed using NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol). The address, port, and mount point are:

addressportmount pointformat RawB2b

B2b signal observation with QZS L6 Tool

Using of QZS L6 Tool and str2str of RTKLIB, you can see the raw data of this signal as the video above.

str2str -in ntrip:// 2> /dev/null |

I am currently trying to decode B2b signals.

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