Radiowave sensing with KiwiSDR

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KiwiSDR is a software defined radio that takes in radio waves up to 30 MHz and performs demodulation processing by software. This is because OpenWebRX allows you to select frequency and modulation method (CW, AM, SSB, FM, FAX, LORAN, BPSK 31) on the browser, display its audio and video on the browser, and more accurate with software GPS receiver Reception frequency can be maintained.

Like the RTK reference station, I have installed this on the rooftop of the university and I am studying software radio and software GPS receiver. KiwiSDR on Hiroshima City University

When this screen is opened in the browser, a waterfall screen (frequency on the horizontal axis, time on the vertical axis, and the signal intensity display in color) appears. We can easily hear signals of specific frequencies. KiwiSDR waterfall