How to make an RTK reference station

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This article explains the process of the RTK reference station at Hiroshima City University. This content is Hiroshima version IoT Lightning Talk (IoTLT Hiroshima) Vol.9 that I gave a lecture.

I used Emlid REACH as the equipment. It costed about 590 USD, and it consisted of two sets of an antenna and body set, and shipping fee.

The procedures are as follows:

  1. I installed a base by drilling a hole in the waterproof box. RTK reference station 1
  2. We put the antenna, the equipment, the PoE equipment in the box. RTK reference station 2
  3. The antenna was placed on the earth plate. RTK reference station 3
  4. Then the RTK equipment was fixed to the mounting hardware for the BS antenna. RTK reference station 4
  5. The RTK equipment and the equipment box were connected using a Ethernet cable. I used a PF pipe for connecting them. RTK reference station 5
  6. A PoE injector, hub, software radio, LPWA radio, environmental sensor, and so on are placed in the equipment box. RTK reference station 6