bynav C1-FS new firmware 7.69

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The new firmware version 7.69 of bynav C1-FS, a GNSS (global navigation satellite system) receiver, has been released. Therefore I applied the firmware to my C1-FS receiver. The version before update is 7.57.

Firmware download

Firmware and documentation can be downloaded from bynav’s support page. When downloading, you will be asked to enter your email address. To date, no e-mail has been received at the address entered here.

The firmware downloaded this time is the one from the link called C1_7.69_FIRMWARE (C1_7.69_FIRMWARE_EN.rar), the date is 2022-05-30, the format is RAR, and the size is 4.68 MB. The contents of the release notes in text format were as follows, and did not specifically mention any updates.

C1 Release Note


FPGA	19060377
ARM	22050583
PB	21111878
ARTK	22031505
KENERL	22032438
WEBSVR	20101504
WEB	21052915
BOOTROM	22031122

Use command LOG VERSION to check the version


Also, the support software BY_Connect was also updated (dated on 2022-08-17).

Firmware update using support software

C1-FS receiver firmware upgrade is done on Windows PC. The connection method can be selected from the serial port of the receiver and Ethernet. I have already set an IP address on the receiver, so I chose an Ethernet connection.

Start BY_Connect on your computer and click the gear icon to open the connection method selection window.


Here, press the Add Row button, enter TCP Client in Type, host name and IP address in Input_1, port number in Inpu_2, and save. Then, when I clicked Open in the Done column, I was able to connect to the C1-FS receiver.

Next, select Firmware Upgrade from the Tool menu, click the Select button in File Path, and select the firmware file firmware_C1_7.69_20220505_B3F105_release.dat. We can select the amount of delay for firmware transmission in milliseconds, but since it is over the network, I left it at the default value of 1 ms.

C1-FS firmware upgrade

And finally hit the Update button. If the firmware update fails, it will be just a box, so I am always nervous when updating the firmware.

C1-FS firmware upgrade

The lower part of the update window (yellow background) changes in the order of Transmit data, Unzip data..., Burn data..., Upgrade success, please reboot. and the firmware update was successful.

We can see the receiver status by opening Board Config in the BY_Connect Tool.

Board Config in BY_Connect

The documentation on interface protocols and commands hasn’t been updated since the previous firmware, so it seems mostly bugfixes.

web interface

Earlier, when I checked the C1-FS receiver’s web interface, I felt it wasn’t very informative. When I checked this time, the menu screen worked. Username and password are the same as before.

bynav receiver web interface

Upon further checking, it did not work on Macintosh browsers (I checked with Safari and Firefox), but worked with Windows browsers (I checked with Edge and Firefox). I’ll try it again on Linux. It seems strange that the behavior depends on the OS, not the type of browser.