RTK reference station parameter update

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I intended this update for improving the performance. The interval of antenna coordinates (RTCM 1005) broadcast has been changed from every 10 seconds to every 1 second. This is to start RTK positioning sooner. Also, the interval of sending detail information on the receiver and antenna (RTCM 1033) have been changed from every 10 seconds to every 1 second. Also I added broadcast settings for GLONASS L1/L2 code bias (RTCM 1230).

NavIC reception on NovAtel OEM729

I used to observe NavIC signals with OEM729, but forgot to add them to the RTCM3 message. Add these broadcast settings.

RTCM 1041 NavIC ephemeris
RTCM 1137 NavIC MSM7

u-blox ZED-F9P, NEO-M8T

Since the navigation message at the Galileo observation frequency (E1B/C, E5b) does not include F/NAV (Free Navigation), the broadcast setting of the corresponding RTCM 1045 has been deleted.

Past archive of observation data

There are NovAtel OEM729 and u-blox NEO-F9P observation data archives (OEM7 and F9P).

So far, we have provided both the raw data for each hour and the data that has been converted to RINEX 3.04 text format.

However, when observing over an hour, the RINEX files cannot be combined as they are, so in the end, the corresponding raw data was combined and used.

Therefore, we will provide only raw data. If you need a RINEX file format file, please use RTKLIB’s CONVBIN application. The RINEX files created so far are left as they are.