Purchase of the latest dual frequency GNSS positioning module u-blox ZED-F9P board

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tags: f9p rtk

The u-blox company headquartered in Switzerland is a company that manufactures positioning positioning satellite signal reception modules that are relatively inexpensive but good in performance, and its products are popular among researchers and individuals. I also use the signal receiving module called u-blox NEO M8T for the RTK base station I set up.

In this case, we obtained two boards equipped with u-blox’s latest positioning module ZED-F9P which can receive satellite positioning by simultaneously receiving dual frequencies and has the calculation function of RTK inside. For example, this module performs positioning by simultaneously using the L1 signal and the L2 signal which is generally used in GPS, outputs the accumulated delta range, and further performs the calculation until RTK we can.


In order to make full use of this signal reception module, an antenna capable of handling the two frequencies is necessary. I plan to use Javad GrAnt-G3T and Nippon Antenna PA-L1(N)-L2 that are multi-frequency antennas.