Satellite positioning with GNSS-SDR on Debian running by VMware Player (failure)

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  1. Install VMware Player on Latte Panda Alpha running Windows 10 Professional.
  2. Install Debian as a guest OS on VMware Player.
  3. Install the GNSS-SDR package in that Debian.
  4. Connect bladeRF to Latte Panda Alpha.
  5. Connect the RX (Reception: reception) terminal of bladeRF to the GNSS antenna through Bias-T (for example, Mini-Circuits ZFBT-4R2G-FT +). I connected a 3.3 V power supply to the Bias-T.
  6. In VMware Player, connect the bladeRF USB device to the Debian guest OS.
  7. Run gnss-sdr on Debian. The configuration file is for bladeRF attached to GNSS-SDR.

Most GNSS antennas have a low noise amplifier (LNA) and will not operate unless a DC of about 3.3V is superimposed on the antenna terminals.


It seems that the signal can be received, but it was forcibly terminated with bladerf_sync_rx error. I thought it might be processing delay, so I changed the number of CPU cores to 2 or 4, but result was the same as before.

gnss-sdr on VMware Player

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