First trial of Yamaha HEARTalk UU-002

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Yamaha Corporation’s HEARTalk does not recognize speech, but determines mood from the voices’ strength, length, shortness, high and low, between, and intonation. It judges mood in real time. This time I tried HEARTalk with the experimental board UU-002. Actually, I bought this UU-002 over two years ago. Since there is a student who love this technology, I decided to post it.

Yamaha HEARTalk UU-002

On the left side of the photo is UU-002, on the right side is the speaker. The golden part immediately to the left of the green LED of UU-002 is a MEMS microphone. When speaking some phrases “Hey”, “How to do”, “Terrible!” and so on to the board, it answers with a female voice, “Yes” or “Eh?.” The emotional information judged from the sound input from the microphone is output from the terminal of this board, so if you connect with a microcomputer such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino, you can do even more advanced processing. It is also possible to make the sound file different.

I was planning to evaluate this UU-002 for experiments to extract emergency information from the quantification of urgency by voice analysis, but I enjoyed myself very much. Interesting technology.