Trial of machine vision with OpenMV

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I tried face detection, iris detection, contour extraction with OpenMV which can process images with built-in MicroPython.

OpenMV M7 Camera is full of interfaces such as I2C, CAN, microSD, 12 bit ADC and DAC, servo control, and it can photograph, for example, after detection of a person. Moreover, We can develop video applications with a programming language python. However, it seems that the operation with dedicated IDE is necessary.


At first, I thought it was blurred the picture. But I soon realized that it is necessary to adjust the focus by rotating the lens part. There is sample programs in the file menu, and I tried them. The next example is the extraction of the iris (a pattern of the eyes, which is known to be different for each individual like a fingerprint). It could distinguish my iris even I wear glasses.

iris detection with openmv

However, because it is somewhat unstable, I tried contour extraction.

edge detection with openmv

Besides that, there are examples such as QR code recognition.