Allystar HD9310 Firmware Update

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Allystar HD9310 Option C is a chip that can receive the Michibiki L6 signal. DataGNSS, which sells the signal receiving module TAU1303 equipped with this chip, has released new firmware, so I applied it.

Firmware update of HD9310

Clicking on this HD9310C.L6 D/E1 will download the Among them were the firmware for L6D (CLAS) HD9310C.QZSS.L6D.20191218.cyfm and the firmware for L6E (MADOCA) HD9310C.QZSS.L6E.20191227.cyfm. I applied the firmware for CLAS this time as well.

Click the down arrow button at the top of the HD9310 software Satrack.exe to bring up a firmware update pop-up window. When I specified the firmware file, the update started immediately and completed in about 10 seconds.

After the update, the software version is 3.018.bcc6590 and the hardware version is HD9310.8248bae24. After clicking View and AS Messages in Satrack.exe, you can check it with VER (software version/hardware version) in MON.

In the announcement on June 19, 2020 on the Michibiki website, “Centimeter-level positioning augmentation service: Test distribution of augmentation information for IS-QZSS-L6-002” was posted. On July 1, 2020, Michibiki 3 satellite will broadcast a new subtype 12 CLAS signal.

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