Presentation at cluster Hiroshima LT

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LT is an abbreviation for Lightning Talk and is a technical short presentation of about 5 minutes. In this tournament, we will make a presentation using avatars at a pseudo venue called cluster. In this tournament, we will introduce Hiroshima in the first minute and then give a technical presentation.

My presentation title is “Let’s manage IoT devices using Microsoft Excel.” As the number of IoT devices to be managed increases, it becomes difficult to consistently set the DNS zone file, its reverse lookup file, and the DHCP server configuration file. In the content, I introduced how to manage them using a spreadsheet and automatically generates these configuration files consistently using python’s xlrd module. As an advanced version, I also introduced the management of aliases files for e-mail delivery.

I had a connection test a week ago of the presentation. I introduced my avatar vrm file that can be used for free, and tried applying a female avatar. When I actually tried it, I found that it was quite difficult to talk while moving the avatar.

cluster Hiroshima LT #1

On the day of the event, I participated in another avatar with cat costume. As an introduction to Hiroshima, I introduced Sarutobi-Tosen (the monkey flying boat) in Sandankyo of Hiroshima.

cluster Hiroshima LT #1

It was tatsuya1970 who appeared in the real avatar, the organizer of this LT. He also presented how to make this avatar.

cluster Hiroshima LT #1