IEICE technical committee meeting of Communication Systems held in Hiroshima City University

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The technical committee meeting of Communication Systems (abbreviated as CS-ken) holds attractive research meetings called the Remote Island Series in July and the Hot Spring Series in October. In particular, at the October meeting, CS-ken and the Communication Systems Workshop (CSWS) collaborately held the meeting and invited leading researchers related to information and communications.

This year’s October meeting was held over three days from October 26th to 28th, both in-person and online. In order to avoid the sudden cancellation of the event due to the spread of the new coronavirus, we gave up on holding it in a hot spring venue and held it at the satellite campus of Hiroshima City University. This time, I participated the meeting as the local organizer and chairman of the CSWS executive committee.

CS committee / CSWS in Hiroshima City Univ.

It’s very hard to hold a meeting in the format of in-person and online at the same time. A slight careless causes howling. Furthermore, although the participation fee for this year’s CSWS was free, a participation fee was required to participate in CS-ken. This operation is also complicated. This time, thanks to the efforts of the CS-ken secretary, these issues were resolved.

CS committee / CSWS in Hiroshima City Univ.

I was able to listen to a number of wonderful lectures through the meeting days. I was also a panelist at the CSWS panel discussion on the second day.

We have arranged a room that can accommodate about 30 people under maintaining a social distance. we also prepared for another room next to the room. However, we did not use this spare room through the days.

CS committee / CSWS in Hiroshima City Univ.

A year before the event, we had to make a decision and prepare for the venue, while the infection situation was completely unpredictable. By making a reservation for a large number of people including accommodation, we cannot pay a large amount of cancellation fee in case of emergency. Also, I thought that I would not be able to cause trouble to everyone due to the sudden cancellation of the meeting. This time around, I made the decision to choose methods that had options we could control. I apologize to those who were looking forward to social gatherings and hot springs at CS-ken and CSWS. Next October, the new coronavirus will surely disappear, and the CS-ken and CSWS meeting will be held at a hot spring resort.

Thanks to everyone who gave lectures, everyone who participated, the executive committee members who arranged the invited lectures, and the CS-ken secretaries who operated this research meeting, we were able to successfully complete this CS-ken and CSWS meeting.