KiwiSDR can now receive QZS-1R signals

category: gnss
tags: kiwisdr qzss

With an online update on the Internet, KiwiSDR can now receive the quasi-zenith satellite 1 replacement (QZS-1R) signal. It is version v.1.483.

KiwiSDR receiving QZS-1R signal

Q196, which represents QZS-1R, appears on the monitor screen. Currently, there is a A mark indicating that the alert flag is on in the status column of QZS-1R and QZS-1 Q193. Also, in my reception environment at this time, some of the received signals of QZS-4 Q195 and the geostationary satellite QZS-3 Q199 were missing.

It seems that all the signals of the quasi-zenith satellites can be received soon. I understand the feelings of people waiting for online updates of game software. Wonderful.

I am looking forward to the day when QZS-1 will be well and all of 5 quasi-zenith satellite signals will be available for positioning.