- a simple shell script to manage processes

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A linux process manage shell script -

This shell script manages multiple processes defined in the configuration files located at ~/local/* The shell script has been released as an open source software and is publicly accessible on GitHub. a simple shell script to manage processes for Linux

This script can be executed from ether an interactive shell or through a cron job. Here’s how you would initiate it from a cron job:

$ crontab -e
@reboot cd /home/pi/bin; ./ start


To initiate all processes specified in the ~/local/ directory, enter start. The name and process ID (PID) of each process will be displayed.

To terminate all processes, type stop.

To view the status of processes, type status. Alternatively, you can simply enter to list status and PID of all processes, as shown below:

pi@rpi3b:~ $ running at pid 30185 running at pid 2879 running at pid 450 running at pid 455 running at pid 2897
pi@rpi3b:~ $

If you want to start, stop, or display a specific process, for example, use start to initiate the process defined in

The configuration file necessitates the definition of environment variables of CMD, ARGS, and MARK. For further details, please refer to local/

Known issue

A single argument containing spaces cannot be represented. For example, one of the arguments for str2str ... -a "JAVGRANT_G5T NONE" ... is JAVGRANT_G5T NONE. However, I could not pass this string containing spaces as a single argument to the program via an environment variable.

License is released under 2-Cluse BSD License.
Copyright (c) 2023 Satoshi Takahashi, all rights reserved.