IEICE Society Conference in Nagoya University

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The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) holds a conference twice a year that cross-cuts various research fields. This year’s Society Conference was held at Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus from September 11th to 15th.

2023 IEICE Society Conference, Nagoya University

It was the first in-person society convention in a while since the new coronavirus outbreak. It was a lively conference with many participants.

2023 IEICE Society Conference, Nagoya University

I also presented my research at the space, aeronautical and navigation electronics session. The title is “Comparison of orbit augmentation information between Michibiki MADOCA-PPP and Galileo HAS.” In satellite positioning, augmentation, the use of external information, improves the positioning accuracy. This presentation analyzes two currently available augmentation signals.

Presentation material for IEICE Society Conference on Sept. 2023

When I was taking a walk around the campus in the morning before the conference started, I came across Nagoya University’s botanical garden (outdoor observation garden). The park actually opens at 10am, but we were able to open early and take a tour of the park.

Planet museum at Nagoya University

For lunch, I went to the university cafeteria and ate Nagoya’s specialty, ``Miso Katsu.''

Lunch at Nagoya University (Miso-katsu)

There is also a museum on the Nagoya University campus. I took this opportunity to visit this museum during my lunch break.

Nagoya University Museum

Immediately after entering the museum, a large research drone was on display.

Drone exhibition at Nagoya University Museum

There was also an electron microscope that had been used in previous research.

Nagoya University Museum

There was also a huge ammonite fossil on display. Research results from various fields were exhibited in the museum.

Nagoya University Museum

I enjoyed presentations of new research results, lively discussions, and delicious meals in Nagoya.